Construction Cleanup Safety Tips  

Construction clean-up is not the same traditional?building clean-up. Construction clean-up includes a?full range of other?services, such as paint splatter and sawdust removal. Remember?the first?step?involving waste?removal is surface cleaning. Because of?this, you can expect construction cleanup experts to also dispose of light fixtures, drywall,?and similar stuff. 

Construction cleanup experts are expected to clean the building during and after it has been erected. They also employ a big crew, depending on how large the building is. Usually, construction cleanup takes an average of five days to complete.  

Elements of Construction Cleanup  

There are many facets to construction cleanup that need to be considered. Unfortunately, construction cleanup isn’t just hiring a dumpster or a junk removal company and trust them to complete all the jobs. It also involves these tasks: 

1. Floor Care 

Cleaning up the floor means scrubbing it and making it ready for use. There are different types of flooring materials and in a construction setup, you are to clean all the excess materials such as ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles, and laminate flooring.  

2. General Contractors  

Construction cleaners are working with the?contractor general. Since other service consultants are on board, cleaning contractors must communicate with many individuals on the field. Note that they have?a clean-up deadline that must be met. 

3. Timing  

The days you originally allocated to complete the work will most likely be removed from the schedule of?cleaning. Assuming?you’re cleaning for?3 days instead of 5. It then becomes a matter of hiring a?10-person?crew instead of 5. You should also manage their hours when additional working?time is necessary just to meet the deadline. You should also hire well-trained construction cleanup experts for maximum efficiency. 

4. Documentation 

Construction cleaners need to complete a?punch list for every task. This makes a construction cleaner’s job easier. If an electrical contractor, for instance, installs wall sockets, he will cut the wall and leave some debris. The cleaner shouldn’t?miss it when cleaning up. But to be sure, adding it to the documentation or list of tasks ensures that it won’t be missed at all. 

Therefore, documentation is very?important. Cleaning contractors must perform all?the tasks in their?checklist. This ensures that all works are?reviewed. Taking?photos of finished?areas is also part of the documentation process. If you must bill additional hours, the best defense is clear reporting. The documentation is?also used for?signing?off recommendations. So, if?there are concerns after the event, the documentation will be reported to you. 

5. Safety 

Cleaning crew members?who listen to music throughout their work are common. However, this?is forbidden in most?locations. Hearing?what’s happening around you when cleaning construction sites?is important. 

Ensure that all?cleaning?crew?is?prepared to act at once. They must be trained on how to use a?first aid kit as well. Construction?clean up?is a difficult task. They always must alert and hydrated. Safety should be the utmost concern as far as this task is concerned.